The Story of Swijin

Swijin innovates beautiful, hybrid performance wear that simplifies your life. Here’s the story on how we got started, where we’re going, and what you can do to join in!

A solo Swimrunner in mid storke in front of a beautiful sky.

Run. Swim. Run Again.

Swijin was founded by two women and life-long friends, one in the USA and one in Europe.

The product idea arose in 2020, out of a problem the co-founders faced in their daily lives on opposite sides of the Atlantic.

During summer morning runs to the beaches of Miami and Mallorca, they would each arrive at the ocean hot, sweaty and desperate to combine their workout with a refreshing swim. But their sports bras and bottoms just didn’t function as swimwear.

Over a phone call, Swijin’s co-founders decided to do something about this problem. They would realize a hybrid invention (think: sports bra meets bikini). It would allow athletes and casual joggers alike to alternate between land and water sports fluidly – without having to change clothes.

It was during this conversation that the two women committed to founding Swijin – a sustainable and responsible company that truly cares about the environment and the people living, running and swimming in it.

Swijin’s first product, the SwimRunner™, is set to launch in 2022/2023. It’s a product the co-founders believe will forever make beach runs more enjoyable for us all.

About Claudia Glass, Co-Founder of Swijin

Claudia Glass, Co-founder of Swijin

An avid cross-country runner since childhood, Claudia grew up in Bavaria, Germany and went on to pursue her studies in English and Secondary Education in the USA.

Claudia has spent many years of her career passionately teaching high school English in Washington, D.C., Berlin, and, most recently, in Zürich.

Although she misses the energy of teenagers (and laughing with them in the classroom), she has thoroughly enjoyed entering an entirely new industry.

Today, Claudia lives in Switzerland with her husband and children. Now that she and her family have acclimated to Swiss culture, you'll find their home is full of Swiss essentials — climbing ropes, skis, helmets, mountain bikes and, of course, a fondue set or two.

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Claudia Glass, co-founder of Swijin, and her children finish an ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Experience race in Cannes, France in October 2021.
Claudia and her children finish their first ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Experience race in Cannes, France in October 2021.

Swijin’s Milestones and Company Timeline


We embark on our journey to create supportive, incredibly comfortable sports bras and bottoms that dry in a flash and double as swimwear.

Swijin partners with Empa, the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Material Science and Technology to develop our solution. 

Swijin is incubated by Startfeld in St.Gallen, Switzerland.

Our science-based innovation is granted funding by Innosuisse, the Swiss Innovation Agency, which supports small businesses in developing new types of products. 


Live-testing our prototypes with female Swimrun athletes in Sweden and USA. 


Go to market with a mix-and-match Swimrun set, both bras and bottoms, specifically designed to address the problems of female Swimrunners. 

To contribute your ideas, get sneak peeks of our designs, and be the first to shop our pre-sales collection, we welcome you to become a part of the exclusive Swijin Insiders Program.

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