Swijin is seeking progressive sustainability solutions to ensure that our innovation is just as ethical as it is cutting-edge.

A calm lake cradled by mountains in Switzerland, the country where the sustainable sportswear company Swijin is headquartered

Swijin was established in Switzerland, a country teeming with natural beauty. Who, if not us Swiss outdoor enthusiasts, would be more interested in preserving our playground and getting out to enjoy it? 

That’s why our goal at Swijin is to create sustainable high-performance activewear. We want to help people engage in the outdoor activities we enjoy so much — without taking a toll on the planet in the process.

It’s a pretty big ambition. No other apparel company so far has been able to strike the right balance between high-performance and eco-friendliness. Why? Simply because the scientific discoveries we need to do so are still on the way.

But Swijin believes sustainability and performance really can co-exist. We want to show the world it’s possible to make activewear (with features like moisture-wicking and thermodynamics) via practices that are entirely planet-friendly.

Sustainable Development Goals

Our mission is guided in part by several of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that the United Nations announced in 2015. The SDGs include 17 interconnected global objectives designed to realize a “more sustainable future for all” by 2030.

These are the three SDGs that resonate the most with us here at Swijin:

Our Conscious Business Model

We would be honored to spark a paradigm shift in the outdoor apparel industry and become a role model for sustainability. The following elements are the foundations of our sustainable business plan.

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)

Customer involvement

High-quality, durable apparel

Local supply chains

No micro-plastic

Radical Transparency

Science-based methods

Cradle to Cradle Certified™ packaging

Certified B Corporation

When we say Swijin products are sustainable, we mean it — and we want to prove it to you, too. We are currently working toward becoming a Certified B Corporation.

This certification is awarded only to companies demonstrating high and verified social and environmental standards. It is through this reputable third-party proof we can show you that, at Swijin, we are truly engaging in business as a force for good.

Wild about our Planet

Swijin’s ultimate goal is to ensure our apparel is supremely functional, while remaining cognizant of the environmental impacts of our innovations.

We want you to look great. We want you to head outside and move freely and seamlessly, by land and by sea.

Just as importantly, we want you to rest easy, knowing our designs are created with whole-hearted dedication to protecting and cherishing the Mother nature that we love.