Meet Swijin

Swijin originated in the enchanting realm where land and sea converge.

We set out to reawaken the childhood thrill of dashing into the open water and being flooded with pure joy and exhilarating adventure.

The SwimRunner makes the seamless transition between two different worlds possible.

In creating the product, our challenge was threefold: To meet the demanding requirements of a high-impact sports bra on land, but also maintain the compression of a swimsuit in water while working wonders in drying time during transitions. We partnered with the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology to create the SwimRunner (Patent Pending). Our team consisted of elite swimrunners, triathletes, engineers, physiologists, designers, and textile manufacturers.

Swijin identifies pain points, digs deep and co-creates solutions that outperform leading products by a factor of ten. We push technological boundaries and ask why not? Then we put our heads down, innovate, iterate and delight.

We prioritize ultimate comfort and performance with style while being responsible for our future. No compromises.

Our Mission

Swijin calls all women to activate their superpowers. Collectively, we build a sustainable and harmonious future for our planet and its people.

Our Impact

Our brand name is inspired by the Shinto Goddess of clean water - Suijin (水神). Swijin activates your superpowers through sport in nature without distractions.

Our durable, comfortable solutions were created with the least possible impact on the environment in mind. We only source from industry leaders who invest in social, environmental and regenerative practices, measure carbon footprints and keep our supply chain tight. Down to the thread, we examine even those who supply our suppliers. Our materials are 100% EU made.

In a lab in Switzerland, we work hard to close the loop as gently as possible. We use enzymes that break down our SwimRunner into building blocks for virgin-quality materials that can be used as feedstock for a new product. Like this, we not only eliminate waste but also enable you to return the product at the end of life. Together we can achieve the goal of becoming the first circular performance brand globally. By signing up as an insider, you can stay informed about our progress.

Cradle to Cradle Certified Gold ® Packaging

Cradle to Cradle Certified Gold ® Packaging

To reduce carbon emissions, we package products in light-weight, Swiss shipping boxes made by the world’s first Cradle to Cradle® Gold Certified Printer. No toxins allowed. Not even in the ink. All stickers biodegrade.

Transparency and our Digital Care Label

Scan the digital care label in your Swijin products to unlock manufacturer details, supply chain certifications and carbon footprint data. Easy care instructions show you how to extend the life of your product.

Complimentary Repair Program

Out in the wild, we expect wear and tear. Our repair service in the EU has invested in the technology needed to fix our technical products. Swijin’s customer care will assist you in making your repair hassle free and straight-forward.

Returns Made Easy

Contact and we will assist you in preparing your hassle-free return within 30 days of date purchased.

Giving Back - Girls Gearing Up

We partnered with Girls Gearing Up, a non-profit organization that is equipping the next generation of globally-minded female leaders with the skills, confidence, networks and inspiration needed to create a more just, equitable and sustainable world.

Through International Leadership Academies, one-on-one mentoring programs and online events, Girls Gearing Up (GGU) is an international coalition of girls prepared to make a difference, whose collective actions will unleash a global wave of positive change - on issues from climate change and institutional inequality to political divisions and access to education. GGU’s holistic programs support aspiring female leaders over the course of several years, from acquiring confidence and leadership skills to using these in their daily lives; from dreaming of societal change to implementing projects that make a difference in their communities.